Alumni Information Submission

If you attended a school for some period of time but did not graduate, enter the year you would have graduated. This will group you with the people you knew while attending. As a consequence you may have the same graduation year for more than one school. REUNIONS: Record missing classmates and check the box marking them as missing, this will list them under their school year and show them as not registered. Uncheck this box when they do register and they are no longer missing. At any time people may check the "I will attend the reunion" box and we then have a complete list of the school year and who is or is not planning to attend.

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* Graduation Year(s) Names of known children Age Birthdate
First Name  * Dorval High1.
Last name  * John XXIII2.
Maiden name Lachine High3.
Spouse Courtland Park4.
Password  * Surrey Gardens5.
Email address Dorval Gardens6.
Phone St. Veronica
St. Stephens
Notes/comments I will attend the reunion