Dorval High School

Randy Thomas Wiley


Graduating Class: 1970/DHS
Date of Birth: September 21, 1953
Date of Death: June 29, 1984
Biography: Randy, a Political Science student studying Concordia.s Loyola campus was inspired by the Pattie Hearst .self-employed urban guerrilla. comment, and outfitted himself as such for the University.s annual Halloween bash. While hitchhiking home in the early morning hours of 01/10/74, Randy was struck by a car in the general vicinity of Brock Street and Upper Lachine Road. The driver fled the scene, but did report the incident to the authorities. Randy was subsequently admitted to the ICU at the Montreal General with the most serious injury being his severe head trauma. When it was apparent his coma was chronic, Randy was transferred to the Grace Dart Memorial Convalescence Hospital and some nine and a half years after his accident, Randy.s physical shell exhausted the last of its. resources and the link between terrestrial anchor and astral projection was severed. Now there.s something to celebrate. .Life, isn.t it grand?