Dorval High School

Mike Rozzini

Mike's Grad picture

Mike and Leslie on their wedding day

Mike disputing a call in a 1977 practice :-)

Graduating Class: 1977/DHS
Date of Birth: December 1, 1959
Date of Death: January 17, 2000
Biography: Mike left work early to see his Doctor the day he died.  On the way home on highway 401 he was feeling ill, so he pulled over.  He then called 911 on his cell phone and an ambulance was dispatched to him.  Mike was brought to Oakville Trafalgar Hospital in Oakville, Ontario.  Leslie found out he was at the hospital several hours later, and rushed to be with him.  When she got there Mike was conscious and alert.  They spoke for a while, Mike seemed fine.  Leslie suggested that she return to the highway to move Mike's car to safety, he agreed with her.   When she returned, the Doctors told Leslie that Mike slipped into a coma shortly after she left.  He never regained consciousness and the decision to remove life support had to be made a few days later...Mike died shortly after. 

Mike had discovered about 10 years earlier that he had diabetes.  It is suspected that the diabetes may have been a contributing factor to the stroke that claimed Mike's life.  Bio as told by  Leslie Rozzini

My memories of Mike (by Mike Heron):  Mike was truly one of the happiest most giving people I have ever met.  In high school I played hockey with Mike on many occasions, he was a very good player too.  Shortly after I moved to Oakville, Ontario, who turns up living in my apartment building but Mike (holy small world)!  This was a good thing in many ways, Mike's knowledge of auto mechanics kept my sickly Subaru Brat going much longer than it had a right to.  One day I knocked on his door and said, "Mike the Subaru won't start, got a minute to look at it?".  He came down to the garage and came up with a diagnosis that still cracks me up, "Here's your problem Mike, the pistons are supposed to be inside the engine!".  I'm sure I wasn't laughing then, but then again, I probably was :-)  I remember attending Mike & Leslie's wedding, they were really great together! 

I hadn't seen Mike since around 1983, but he wasn't forgotten.  I had tried to locate him in 1999 & 2000 for a possible hockey reunion but could not find him, man I wish I had been able to!  I came up with and created the entire memorial page as a tribute to my old friend Mike (I'm shocked by how many names are now on it as I'm sure you all are!).  I miss you Tuck.