Dorval High School

Michael B. Warren




Graduating Class: 1978/DHS
Date of Birth: Jun 26, 1961
Date of Death: Aug 26, 1998
Biography: Michael, as any of you who knew him, was full of life, liked "living on the edge," and had a "warped/twisted" sense of humour.He lived life to it's fullest-although he was a true "homebody." On July 26, 1998, Mike was diagnosed with severe liver failure. He was rushed from the Lakeshore Hospitlal down to St. Lukes, where he underwent various tests & treatments and awaited a transplant.He took a turn for the worst and at 12:04 pm on August 26, 1998 I took him off life support, and he passed away while I held his hand and told him how much he would be missed. Mike was my brother & my best friend. There hasn't been a day gone by that I have not thought of him. He is truly missed! Grant