Dorval High School

Uldis Auders


 Grad picture


Graduating Class: 1968/DHS
Date of Birth: 1951
Date of Death: May 1981
Biography: (two submissions were provided)

1. Uldis arrived at Courtalnd Park in Grade 5 (1961) from Latvia, knowing very little English. Within a couple of years, he was the top male student in our class, and remained so during High School. Uldis went to McGill, where he was the Redmen's quarterback. He was suddnly killed in an avalanche while rock-climbing in Switzerland. He was well-liked and greatly respected by all he class-mates at DHS.

2. The Uldis Auders memorial trophy, presented annually since 1981-82, is awarded to the sophomore student who best demonstrates both academic and athletic excellence. The trophy is named in memory of former Redmen quarterback Uldis Auders, who died in 1981 at the age of 30, during an avalanche in Nepal.