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I attended Courtland Park from Grade 2 through 7 and spent all of one month at DHS before my family moved to Port Credit Ontario in October 1967. I am currently a partner at McLean Budden, an investment management firm based in Toronto. A Google search led me to this interesting site. I have scrolled through the DHS and CP lists and recognized a few names. I would be delighted to contribute more information -- please advise. I am sure I have a class picture for several of my years at CP -- if so how can I get them to you for the collection? Look forward to hearing from the keeper of the site. I was able to locate pictures of my grade 6 class for 1966 and grade 7 for 1967. Also have names of all class mates to go with them. These were also forwarded to Ralph Bard who posted the pictures on the website. Also passed along pictures of my brother Peter's grade 2 and 3 classes for the same years.


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