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Hi All, After leaving Dorval in 1978, I completed high school in Calgary, went on to Uni and got a Degree in Electrical Engineering. Travelled the world in the search for Oil and Gas then when in Europe fell in love with an Australian lady, we got married, lived in Calgary for 7 years, have 2 kids, got fed up with the cold and now are living in Australia, where we have been living since 1997. I've just compelted a Master Degree of Business & Techncology at the University of Sydney - Who would think I would be a studious one? Great to see all the people signing up on the web site, as they must look back very fondly on the days growing up in Dorval as I do. It seems to be a very long time ago and at the same time it has all past in the blink of an eye. Best wishes to everyone.


James: 15
Kaitlyn: 13