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Hi all!
Been a long long time since I have heard from most of you. Graduated from McGill in 88, and Ph.D. in 93 from U-Denver. Currently on the faculty at George Washington University in Washington, DC, where I teach graduate level courses in human development and do research on a number of topics. Yes, imagine that!
Happily married for 17 years, have a great seven year old Claire, and two cats. We live in the Northern Virginia suburbs outside of Washington. My most recent hobby is photography, love the connection between art and technology. I have also started going to concerts again (I miss Pigeon park???), and saw Neil Young last fall, and Coldplay this summer. Lots of fun! Let me know if you will ever be around DC. Drop me a line and let me know wazzup!
I'd be interested in any kind of reunion. My wife's school seems better organized that ours for this kind of thing (and it is far worse than most!). Ah well, guess it is not meant to be. Be well.



Claire: 19