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Aug. 3, 2009 - I was talking to Kevin Weary tonite and he told me that there had been a reunion a couple of years ago for the Class of '72. He said that there was a web site, and whaddya know.... I found it! Technically, I was supposed to be the Class of '71, but I liked hanging around playing floor hockey so much, and was such a crappy student, that I didn't get my "Certificate of Graduation" until 1972. But I didn't attend the graduation exercise and I'm not even sure if I made it into the yearbook. I hung around the West Island and worked in the motorcycle and towing businesses (hi Derek!) until the Winter of 1981. Upon returning from a month in Cuba where I had taken a motocross team to compete that November, I landed back in Dorval in a snowstorm and -40F weather. Only to find out that in my absence, and without asking my opinion, the Government of Quebec had decided to dramatically raise taxes on gas, booze, and cigarettes. To which I said "screw this," and flew to San Francisco to visit my recently widowed/remarried/relocated/retired father for an early Christmas. I never left California after my X-mas vacation ended, because while I was living in SF, my new stepmother introduced me to some friends of hers who had a small business selling Harley parts, where I had a wildly successful career over the next 23 years helping to grow that company to almost 300 million a year in sales while living in the San Jose area for all of that time. Along the way, I had a beautiful daughter in 1988 with my girlfriend (who I finally married in 1996 and divorced in 2000). After the divorce, I stepped back from my responsibilities with the company, and relocated to the Lake Tahoe area from where I could telecommute, while my ex-wife and daughter moved to Dallas. In September of 2006, I remarried the beautiful and incredibly intelligent Amy (another Canadian citizen who relocated here with her parents from Ontario when she was an infant), and so I now have two stepchildren, Preston aged 18 and Elena aged 15, in addition to Devin. I had a blast looking at the reunion site, and am incredibly sorry that I didn't hear about the event before now.... I would most certainly have attended. I stay in touch with and have contact information for some of the missing DHS alums, so be sure to let me know before the 40th and I'll put them in touch with you. Stay well everyone!!


Devin: 24
Preston: 22
Elena: 19