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Still in Cambridge, Ontario after moving here in 1984. Rodney and I are divorced, but he is still in town too, remarried to Karen. Our oldest son, Matt now lives in New Westminster, BC and our younger son, Tom is still here in Cambridge. I am a self employed bookkeeper, and whenever possible, my favourite place to get away is back to the West Island, to Judy (Grindley)and Bernie Brown's house; they are the best hosts ever! We try to plan my visits to be when "Big Fun" is playing somewhere! These former members of 10pm Paris, are back and better than ever(along with a couple of new members); Fred Grindley (Eric Clapton's real long lost cousin!), his wife, the incredible Norene (who can sing anybody better than they can themselves!) Keith Ferguson, Gord Bird and a couple of other fellows on drums and keyboards whose names I don't know. And they are awesome! Just spent Saturday, Aug. 8th at Neil Sellers' summer beach party where Big Fun played. It was a great night and I saw so many people I hadn't seen in so many years: Malcolm Lummis(who I was happy to see hasn't changed a bit, and, he's still 6'7"!)who came with his wonderful wife, Leanne, Kathy O'Brien and Jim Wilson, Mary Lynn Clamen, Nancy Hawker, Glen Sellers (who designed Neil's beautiful house!)and his wife, Glenna, their younger sister Lynn, a few Curries, Gail and Al Cheverton, and more! It was a great night and I think we all hope Neil continues to do this every summer! Ralph Bard, this site is great and we appreciate the effort you put into keeping it going! I hadn't been here in a while, but every time I visit, there are more people listed and profiles added!

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Matt: 38
Tom: 37