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Been quite a ride! Rock & rolled thru the 70's, twice living in Toronto. Followed gf to Vancouver 1980 (BIG mistake)- lived virtually destitute there for 2 yrs...but the experience pushed my photography into a fantastic direction. Twice married/divorced over a 20 yr period. Moved to Oxford (UK) in '86, formed a band with Clapton's nephew for a while, and my photography is! Still playing the music scene as well, there's so much more opportunity for it over here. I also write a lot of magazine articles. Say hello if you're ever this way...but I'm not in the book. Just ask at most of the art colleges, they'll give you my contact details. Click on the word "All" beside my name and it brings up my profile and a very bad photo of me in grade 9 (home room that year was the Chemistry lab) - it's not my grad photo - that one was even worse! I get back to Dorval from time to time. Dorval seems so much smaller than when I was living there, but no one walks about anymore; everyone seems to drive to go even the shortest distance...good grief. Graduated July (2012) with a Masters degree (photography) and am working on my master plan to retire back in Canada, tho I might just move to the Jurassic Coast in Dorset here to live out my days? My first book, "In My Time...30 Years of Social Documentary Photography"(usually referred to as "street photography" was published the summer of 2011.

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