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When most of you guys left after high school. I held out here and went to John Abbott. After that I worked in the Restaurant business for many years. Did training and management. Served a super customer from Mississauga one night and ended up marrying him. He has been serving me my morning coffee for 28 years. I taught computers to elementary kids for 9 years and am now working as a support staff in a Vocational Beauty School. I love it and hey, I get my hair done on the job!! We own a beautiful cottage just outside of Brockville on a little lake called Graham lake. Needless to say my great big lab lives in the water. If you visit the West Island or Mallorytown, and wanna catch up, contact me.; It's January15th,2007and I thoughtI would add a little news to this blog.Last Marc,I was hit with a devastrating stroke that left me paralyzed on my kleft side.The Docs are baffled as to why I got it.I was in super health and training for a marathon.They said it was random.So I am fighting my way back,one day at a time.It should be interesting how far I get by reunion time.Wish me luck!

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