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Use the Edit link beside your name on the main page to control your confirmation status. Check or uncheck the 'I will attend the reunion' box to indicate your intent to attend or not respectively. You will be contacted to confirm in 2004, you are not committed at this point. Below is the list of registered attendees to date.

1975Heather Ashton
1975Charlene Bartlett
1975Kathy Bears
1975Phil Best
1975Jo-Anne Brown
1975Gail Burton
1975Ian Carpenter
1975Laura Douglas
1975Steven Droz
1975Suzanne Dunn
1975Bob Egan
1975Sybil Feinman
1975Andrea Graham
1975Steven Harper
1975Bob Hoare
1975Allison Kelly
1975Cathy Luke
1975Jay Mann
1975Tammie Nunn
1975David Orr
1975Perry Owen
1975Joanne Sullivan
1975Steve Williams
1976Wendy Allerton
1976Dean Allison
1976Brent Andary
1976Nancy Armitage
1976Keith Ayre
1976Karin Barnes
1976Catherine Barrow
1976Glenn Carpenter
1976Paula Chiarella
1976Susan Clarke
1976Ken Douglas
1976Leslie Dunbar
1976Valarie Dunlop
1976Kathy Durst
1976Jim Dykes
1976Carol Ferguson
1976Debrah Galt
1976Tracey Harris
1976Michael Homer
1976Wayne Huchuk
1976Jeff Hunter
1976Gerda Kaulfuss
1976Danica Lewington
1976Catherine Lloyd
1976Karen Mackarous
1976Valerie Makin
1976Rebecca Mann
1976Dave Mathieson
1976Linda McPherson
1976Deb Patch
1976Jill Porter
1976Mike Rider
1976Bill Rogers
1976Nancy Shaw
1976Beverly Smith
1976Cathy Stinson
1976Brenda Sullivan
1976Linda Taylor
1976Wendy Tepley
1976Kathy Tough
1976Andy Walker
1976Brian White
1976Ron Williams
1976Diane Williams
67 listed